Why Silicone?

Why we made Funtoos Hoop from Silicone?

Silicone, not to be confused with silicon (a naturally occurring substance and the second most abundant element on Earth after oxygen) is a man made polymer created by adding carbon and/or oxygen to silicon.

The FDA has approved it, “as a food-safe substance” and it can now be found in numerous baby bottle nipples, plates, sippy cups, baking dishes, kitchen utensils, mats and even toys.

Food-grade silicone is a non-toxic polymer mostly made from silica (sand). This means it can withstand heating and freezing without leaching hazardous chemicals – unlike plastics, which contaminate food in these environments.


Ease of mind for Mamma's :


Odour and stain resistant - contains no BPA, latex, lead, phthalate


Made from abundant natural resource

Easy to clean due to smooth surface

Soft like rubber and does not break

Perfect material for eco-friendly and non-toxic products