The New
Funtoss Hoop

A Unique Novelty Cute Mini Basketball Hoop For Mugs, Bowls or Cups.

The Perfect Gift for Everyone
  • Make your next gift a slam dunk!
  • Ideal for Birthdays, Parties, Christmas, Holidays and even just because.
  • From toddlers and teens to parents and grandparents, this is the one gift that helps you instantly check off those hard-to-shop-for names on your list.
  • When your friends and family unwrap the Funtoss Hoop, you’ll be hoisting the trophy as the MVP of gifting.
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  • START OFF YOUR DAY WINNING - You’re never too old to play with Funtoss Hoop!
  • Hear that “swish” as you shoot mini marshmallows into your cocoa, alley-oop crackers into your bowl of soup, beat the buzzer as you toss cereal into milk, or cheer when you score sprinkles on top of ice cream.
  • Simply use your imagination to turn every breakfast into a breakfast of champions. Your morning routine just got way more fun!

A one-of-a-kind detachable Food Grade silicone basketball hoop that makes mealtime entertaining, exciting, and FUN!

Simply place the hoop on the rim of any mug, bowl, or cup and let the games begin…

Three-point lob of marshmallow into that hot cocoa? Only if you make it!

Mid-range shot of peas in this mug of soup? Easy.

Dunk a few cereal into your milk? No problem

Why Get A Funtoss Hoop?

FDA approved silicone
Make mealtime exciting for kids & parents
Mini motor skills develop the brain
Easy to clean after use
Suitable for party games

What is

The Funtoss Hoop?


Score points with kids and teens by giving them permission to play with their food!

Your children or grandchildren will jump out of bed with excitement
as they wake up to a hoops competition before school every morning.

Funtoss Hoop is engaging, cute, and entertaining, and at the same
time, they help children perfect their bank shot. Nothing but net!

The portable design of the Funtoss Hoop allows you to take it anywhere with you.

Camping. Traveling. Visiting grandparents.

You name it.

Just pack it with your luggage and go.

The Funtoss Hoop’s proprietary grip allows for secure placement on any mug, cup, or bowl and the bendable material ensures it won’t get damaged after continuous play.

What’s more, the grip’s design allows for easy attachment and variable usage, making sure that your little baby can be entertained at any given situation.

Best of all?

The Funtoss Hoop makes for a great party game to play with other parents when the kids fall asleep!

We Care About The Environment Just As Much As You Do.

Produced without any harmful chemicals.
Manufactured in an eco-certified facility.
Made up of long-lasting, bendable material.

The Funtoss Hoop Makes Kids and Family Love Mealtime!

But don’t take our word for it…
Here’s what some of the parents who got the Funtoss Hoop have to say about it…

This is super cute and a great gift idea

Jane Doe

This is such a fun item to give as a gift! It's really great quality and super unique! The person I gave it to was really excited when they opened it. I would highly recommend this product!

Charlotte Cruz

Gift for 13 yr old nephew, who plays all sports. It was the big hit out of all his birthday gifts !

Michael Blori

I bought this as a gift to my son who's gotten into basketball. He loves tossing his marshmallows through the hoop into his hot chocolate

Miss Jenny

Such a cute toy is going to make a great Christmas gift for my boyfriend’s sister who loves basketball!

Mrs. Jane
The Funtoss Hoop makes mealtime an exciting and engaging activity that kids and parents look forward to. Get yours now for just $22.00   $11.98

Risk Reversal

We fully believe in the quality and utility of our products. That’s why the Funtoss Hoop comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you feel like your purchase does not meet your expectations, simply send us an email and we’ll arrange your return.

No. Questions. Asked.

Warning: Limited Supplies!

Due to constraints caused by supply-chain issues, The Funtoss Hoop is produced in limited quantities.

Get yours while supplies last!

Ready to make mealtime fun and exciting?

Place your order now and enjoy every single meal with your angel!


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